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Kaya Kopi Luwak

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Kaya Kopi Luwak starts it life at 4,000 feet (1,200 M) above sea level in the heart of the Pangalengan Highlands of West Java, Indonesia. There, wild and healthy Asian palm civets feast on only the ripest and highest quality arabica coffee beans available. After the civets do their work, our local staff collect and clean the beans before slow roasting them at 391 °F (199°C) to ensure the perfect body yet un-burned taste. We don't cut corners: we are organic, fair trade and environmentally conscious. 

Flavor Profile:

When Kaya Kopi Luwak hits your tongue you will immediately notice that it is remarkably smooth. It has a light, almost pillowy texture that floats in your mouth for several seconds after swallowing. Kaya Kopi is intensely aromatic and even more flavorful. You may taste and smell hints of citrus, jasmine, honey and/or chocolate depending on your batch and the current harvest season. 


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Our Mission:

Helping you fully appreciate each day by providing you with the best cup of coffee on earth!

As travelers, explorers, and life enthusiasts, we believe that coffee has the potential to help individuals bond and share in the wonders of life. It gives you energy, increases your focus, and opens your mind. We rigorously test our growing, collecting, and roasting methods to ensure that the flavor of our coffee is absolutely top notch. 

What We've Achieved:

Sustainable, environmentally conscious, and animal friendly Kopi Luwak production:

  • 100% organic

  • Environmentally friendly harvesting, production & packaging

  • 100% from wild palm civets

  • 25% of profits reinvested in our community